Faster code security with every commit

Find, track, and fix security vulnerabilities in your code without interrupting your teams’ development process.

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Code security with
every commit

From secrets and PII to misconfigurations and code proliferation, BluBracket reduces risk at every stage of your software development process.

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What's your security risk from code?

Code has become the #1 attack surface for hackers. AppSec and DevSecOps teams need to understand their code risk profile and be prepared for this new risk. This eBook will run through the five steps to code security and what you can do to protect yourself.

Seamless code security

without interrupting productivity.


Security Rework

Prevent security risks from getting in the way of shipping healthy code on time.


Existing Risks

Quickly fix vulnerabilities in your code before they become problems.



Scan your codebase for secrets and block future commits from introducing new risks.


Security Engineers

Assess risks across every codebase and mitigate threats in real-time.



Mitigating risks at every stage of your development workflow

Full Repo Scan
Scan for & easily address vulnerabilities during development
Pre-commit Checks

Prevent new risks from sneaking into your local repository history

PR Checks

Block new risks before they are merged into your codebase

Post-merge Validation

Automate security checks as part of your CI/CD process

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