How to protect your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) secrets

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) may be the smallest major cloud, but it’s one of the fastest growing thanks to its close association with Kubernetes and the company’s liberal habit of giving startups free usage credits. GCP’s default configuration and policies offer substantial security for applications running on GCP infrastructure, but none of that matters if […]

BluBracket’s new filtering experience cuts through the noise

When BluBracket launched we were focused on being the best tool to find risks in code and related to code—as we describe it: what’s in your code, who has access, and where it’s going. But our work with companies ranging from nimble five-person startups to enterprises at the top of the fortune 100 has taught […]

Your source code is vulnerable, here’s what hackers are looking for

The biggest news of the spring season so far has been of a slap, a hostile takeover bid, a devastating series of source code dumps by a heretofore unknown hacking group, and now a hacked batch of OAuth tokens leading to yet more source code leaks. Of all of those, the source code leaks might […]

Introducing improved risk detail display and management workflows

Today we’re introducing improved risk details display and workflows in BluBracket Code Security. Our early testers have described these as a huge improvement in their ability to quickly and efficiently review and act on risks. We developed these improvements in collaboration with our design partners, with feedback from our enterprise customers representing over $100 billion […]

Lessons from the Twitch leak

Last week Twitch faced the kind of nightmare scenario that every online service hopes to avoid: their source code and database dumps were leaked on the internet and broadly distributed. Database dumps exposed details about their business, everything from user complaints to streamer payouts. And the source code uncovered the inner workings of their service […]

How Bill Gates saved Microsoft 20 years ago

Before his career as a philanthropist, Bill Gates was the founder and head of Microsoft who became as famous for his relentless pursuit of growth as he had for inventing the commercial software market with MS-DOS. By 2001, Microsoft Windows-powered over 97% of computers. Internet Explorer 6 was winning the browser wars, and the pre-iPhone […]