BluBracket to Enable Developer Empowerment – Appoints Casey Bisson Head of Product Growth

Pictured above: Casey Bisson

We’re excited to announce Casey Bisson has been appointed the Head of Product Growth at BluBracket.

BluBracket’s mission is to empower individual developers with the information and tools they need to enhance security across all aspects of their development workflows. BluBracket is on a journey to enable this transformation by helping organizations shift left on security through better tools combined with developer empowerment.

Our tools are used by organizations globally and have already helped remove a variety of risks from production code, including secrets present in code contained in public repos, accidentally or intentionally leaked code, preventing Git misconfigurations as well as securing infrastructure as code (IaC) from unsafe configurations and more.

BluBracket is committed to ensuring the safety of digital infrastructure everywhere and making our tools more precise and easier to use. Growing the community of knowledge around code risks will go a long way in accomplishing that.

Casey joins us with over 15 years of experience as an engineering and product leader in consumer and B2B SaaS, including hyperscale public cloud IaaS, where he helped drive a devops revolution for container infrastructure and continuous delivery. Casey has worked with open source communities throughout his career and demonstrated continued focus on making tools and systems usable.

Casey’s background in building tools and services that developers love and trust is well-aligned with our mission to democratize the tools and processes they need to secure their development workflows.

The BluBracket executive team and I are impressed with Casey’s expertise as both a hands-on engineer, as well as a corporate officer who has experience building a product organization from scratch. We are excited to have Casey on board to help us meet the expectations of our community. Do check back to hear from Casey and team on the topic of code security.

Welcome Casey!


Prakash Linga, CEO & Founder

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