Why Organizations Today Need a Risk-Based Approach to Code Security

We salute October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month As we salute the national cybersecurity awareness month, we also want to recognize the ongoing increase in application-based software supply chain attacks. The process to deliver security and protection during software development cycles are disjointed, leading to gaps, vulnerabilities and lots of false positive alerts. This is why […]

Secure Your Software Supply Chain in 4 Easy Steps

The now infamous SolarWinds hack is the largest cybersecurity attack in history leaving hundreds of millions at risk, and unfortunately there are signs that the wave of copycat crimes are already underway. The culprits perpetrating these breaches attack what is now widely acknowledged as the most vulnerable and least protected cybersecurity attack surface within enterprises: […]

How to reduce false positives while scanning for secrets

Secrets in code are a pervasive and ever increasing attack vector in modern software companies.  If you’ve ever used a secret scanning tool to detect secrets in your code, you’ve probably had to deal with the overwhelming amount of false positives.  In some cases, the level of noise is so high that it can be […]

How to help developers keep secrets out of code

What’s a secret? That’s a good question. But if you’re here, you probably already understand what a secret is, with regards to software engineering. You also understand that once code has been merged, detecting and fixing security related defects in code can cost your business time, money, and expose your organization to security risks. And […]

What are the top security risks from code?

The past decade has seen the way software is developed and deployed completely changed. Cloud-native, open source, CICD and Git. These tools have been a gift for innovation and collaboration. But they’ve also opened up new doors into the enterprise or cloud infrastructure for attack. The new attack surface is rapidly being noticed by security […]