It’s time to get serious about code security.

In a digital economy, is there any more valuable asset than code? Increasingly, more critical information is found in source code, especially in machine learning models and AI, making code even more irreplaceable. 

Yet incredibly, if you ask a CIO, CTO or CISO simple questions such as

  • Where is their code?
  • Who has access to it?
  • Where did it come from? 

they can’t tell you. They can quickly report how many printers they have and who prints at what location, but code has little visibility, access controls or monitoring. It’s like putting a world class alarm system around your shed and leaving your mansion’s doors wide open. 

Just this month we saw issues from code all over the news, from the Iowa caucus to malware in Bitbucket. 

Starbucks, Amazon, Uber, Capital One and many more have had high profile breaches all stemming from Github. 

Software drives everything from elections to nuclear submarines, but we don’t know where code is, where it came from, what secrets live in it and who has access to it. And it can be shared publicly with one click. 

This puts us all at risk. And that’s why we founded BluBracket.

Read more from our CEO Prakash Linga on his oped on LinkedIn.

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