Secure your Most Valuable Code

Code has quickly become a valuable enterprise asset that must be protected. But the tools used by developers means your code is probably all over Git. You just don’t know it.   

With the BluBracket:CodeSecure, CISOs and InfoSec can secure, classify and monitor actions around valuable code. Without slowing down developers. 

By using BluBracket, you agree to abide by our policies, including our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy


Deploy a full set of protections to keep your code safe.

The BluBracket Community Edition is the most robust and automated way for anyone to find passwords, tokens and other security vulnerabilities. 

All you need is a GitHub account and a few minutes. 

✓ Free for anyone to use with one org and 10 GitHub repositories forever.

Manage selective access control across Git.

Enhanced security monitoring and alerting that continuously scans your repos. 

Comprehensive APIs to integrate into your existing CI pipeline, SIEM, messaging, and ticketing solutions.

Automated for the developer or engineer; you connect your GitHub account and you’re done, with alerts if anything is found now or in the future.

Protect your valuable code from theft.

 Language agnostic.

Employs a robust rules engine to reduce false positives which are so common in other scanning point tools.

Integrate with your existing DLP tools. 

Enforce chain of custody, tracking and real-time audit logs for compliance.

Creates unique hashes for secrets and eliminates duplicates.

Free for anyone to use with one org and 10 GitHub repositories.

Monitors 50+ most common secret types automatically in public or private GitHub repositories.

    • Ability to also define custom regular expressions
    • Ability to look for password/credentials

Make Security Policies Actionable

BluBracket’s secret scanning is done within the context of comprehensive code security, so users can quickly transition to a full scale solution that includes Git Repo Health assessments, Git misconfigurations scanning, code copy detection, PII scanning and open source license compliance scanning when you’re ready. 

 Connect your GitHub account and get started today for FREE.

By using BluBracket, you agree to abide by our policies, including our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy


Yes! We created a completely free forever tool for developers and devsecops engineers to easily find secrets in code, so the software that’s created is more safe. No credit card is needed. Just sign up and you can use it on 10 repos within 1 organization in GitHub. 

You give us access to your GitHub accounts that you specify, but it’s limited to read-only access and it’s temporary. We never store your secrets. 

Yes. Once you have it installed and authorized, we will monitor your code for secrets in the back end. We will send you emails if secrets are found. You can also log back into your dashboard (found in your welcome email) at any time to check the status and dive into more interesting data. 

Easy. You can upgrade to our teams or professional editions at any time. And if you have more needs around code security or insight, we can help with that too. 

Since this is our community edition, it’s supported by our community (with a lot of help from us of course.) To get support, please join our Slack channel or email us. We also always want feedback so please give us a shout out on social media or share with your colleagues. 

Yes. BluBracket Community Edition has Alerts and Events APIs as well as CICD APIs that can be used to catch and automatically notify you when commits have been made that contain sensitive information

BluBracket includes a portal URL link in the welcome email that is sent to you shortly after your first login.  Your personal URL will normally be your GitHub username So for instance it would be