New Webinar: How to Prevent Code Leaks

Most credential leaks from code happen in personal repositories, not sanctioned corporate ones. This happens because it’s so easy to clone and share code. Git by default is open and collaborative—good for open source but potentially a security risk if you don’t have the right tools and policies in place.

In this one hour webinar with BluBracket Founder Ajay Arora, learn how to prevent code leaks and other security risks from code. It’s on-demand so you can sign up and watch on your schedule.

In this one hour webinar, learn the top threats facing companies from their code environments and how to address them. 

You will learn:

  • How Git-based environments post a threat to enterprise security
  • Why companies lack visibility into who has downloaded their code on unprotected devices
  • How to mitigate the threats from code without altering or slowing down the software development process
  • How code security must fit into an overall information security strategy

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