Secure and
respond to threats
your code.

Code has quickly become a valuable enterprise asset that must be protected. It’s also become a fast way into your enterprise as hackers mine Git for credentials and more. 

BluBracket:CodeSecure ensures you have a full suite of protections to keep your code and your enterprise safe.

Manage selective access control to all your code repositories, including Git.
Define and enforce security policies around code so you can protect your IP.
Set and enforce open source code policies in your organization to resolve risk.
Protect your code from theft—both from inside and outside the organization via active monitoring, alerting and code fingerprinting.
Ensure your IP is not pushed to open source without permission.
Enforce chain of custody, tracking and real-time audit logs for compliance.
Address risks from secrets, tokens, passwords and PII found in code.
Make security policies actionable and enforceable in your CICD pipeline.