Code Leaks

Protect Git Repositories from Code Leaks

Rogue access to code repos can lead to external and insider threats. Developers sometimes unknowingly place company IP at risk when they share code sections or commits on to public Git repositories.
Why its important to protect repos from code leaks:

Leaked code (proprietary IP and secrets) once publicly available has the potential to propagate without control.

For many in the developer community, a public personal repository becomes a developer’s resume. Developers sometimes inadvertently share private code into their public repositories.

BluBracket Protects Code and IP from Leaking into Public Repositories

BluBracket regularly scans public repositories for code fingerprints that may have leaked into the extended universe.

BluBracket employs specially developed behavior analytics to detect anomalous activity and alerts on code leaks in order to take immediate corrective action.

BluBracket creates code fingerprints to track critical code and assets internally and externally to ensure vital IP is not exposed publicly.

BluBracket can proactively monitor public repositories for vital IP.