Git Misconfigurations

Git Misconfigurations Expose Enterprises to Risk

Many breaches are now emanating from common Git misconfigurations. For instance, many recent attacks came from code and sensitive information left in repositories that were marked public. BluBracket automatically scans and alerts based on these misconfigurations. 

Why its important to enforce secure Git configurations: 

Developers tend to accumulate access rights since they are still employed, even if their job role has changed.

Key to git configuration best practices is establishing visibility of roles and access rights.

Misconfigured repositories become a code egress point.

BluBracket’s Delivers a Solution to Remediate Git Misconfigurations

BluBracket alerts when two factor authentication is not configured. BluBracket also supports enterprise single sign-on (SSO).

BluBracket will display an alert if configuration rules such as reviews prior to a direct push are bypassed.