Infrastructure as Code

Protect Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

BluBracket can identify misconfigurations in IaC prior to deployment. BluBracket creates a layer of security for Terraform, Kubernetes, Cloudformation and other infrastructure formats. BluBracket alerts on anomalies and rule violations during the process of creating configuration code to eliminate risks that can disrupt applications upon deployment.

Why it’s important to protect infrastructure as code:

Use of insecure default configurations, and utilizing un-patched applications exposes infrastructure to risks when configuration code is deployed. 

Vulnerabilities present in configurations get easily replicated across code,  as automation speeds up deployment with no manual checkpoints.

Developers are pushing code into public repos daily. Catching the misconfiguration beforehand is much cheaper and effective.

BluBracket Monitors IaC Vulnerabilities

BluBracket scans software components, libraries, and application frameworks for vulnerable misconfigurations.

BluBracket identifies IaC policy violations. Results are presented with guidance on where to remediate the vulnerability.