Non-Inclusive Language

Remove Non-Inclusive and Other Sensitive Language

BluBracket scans Git repositories to identify non-inclusive terms and then delivers options to remediate them directly within the development workflow. This unique capability is in keeping with current times and developers’ desires to meet socially correct norms by removing unacceptable or insensitive racial or gender bias in words and references that are used in code.

Non-Inclusive Language
Why its important to address non-inclusive and sensitive terms from code

Use of non-inclusive language in source code is surprisingly common and has been ignored in organizations for far too long. Use of terms such as master-slave for automation processes or black listing to denote disallowed sites or network addresses are no longer deemed acceptable. Talent in professional workplaces have expressed a preference to work for employers who share their values in creating inclusive workplaces.

Why it’s important to address non-inclusive and sensitive terms from code:

Creating an inclusive work environment is important to a healthy, supportive, and productive culture, and an environment where everyone feels welcome and included.

Retaining and hiring great talent requires diversity and an environment where everyone feels welcome and included.

BluBracket’s Code Security Solution Identifies and Removes Non-Inclusive Language

Scans code repositories to check for non-inclusive language in all commit history.

Identifies non-inclusive language before it gets added to source code at local or repo level.

Generates alerts at the dashboard or via the CLI so that developers can take immediate action.


The software industry is organizing initiatives for inclusive naming.

BluBracket Partners with the Linux Foundation and Snyk to enhance code security

“The LFX Security module now includes automatic scanning for secrets-in-code and non-inclusive language, adding to its existing comprehensive automated vulnerability detection capabilities. Software security firm BluBracket has contributed this functionality to open source software projects under LFX as part of its mission of making software safer and more secure. This functionality builds on contributions from leader in developer security, Snyk, now making LFX the leading vulnerability detection platform for the open source community and remove non-inclusive naming.”

Linux Foundation announcement, Nov 3, 2021
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