Secrets in code

Eliminate Secrets in Code

BluBracket automates the detection, identification and removal of secrets in code. BluBracket identifies all categories that make up secrets in code, ranks them by risk and provides a means to remediate.

Why it’s important to detect and remove secrets in code:

Developers commonly use third-party and open-source code to speed up the development and delivery of code – relying more than ever before on secrets.
The use of internal and external code repositories to develop, test, maintain and store code, creates vulnerabilities that can be exploited by malicious threat actors.
Large bodies of code originally developed, but not deployed, contain secrets that can be exploited as critical vulnerabilities.
Cloud native development and use of infrastructure as code means that tokens and other artifacts can be leveraged by attackers to pivot and mount attacks on underlying infrastructure.

BluBracket Delivers a Complete Code Security Solution

Automate Scanning of all Git Repositories

BluBracket checks for secrets in code across all variations of git and even non-git repositories. The solution automates deep scanning of full commit history on every repo to accurately identify the most sensitive types of secrets and identifies the risks to the organization.

Catch Hardcoded Secrets Early in Development
BluBracket scans all changes upon creation of pull requests to eliminate inclusion of secrets into a remote feature branch. Detecting and remediating potential vulnerabilities directly within the development workflow enables developers to shift left and avoid having to handle security incidents post-deployment.
Eliminate False Positives with Dependable Results

BluBracket utilizes AI and ML to validate results, eliminate false positives and deliver the most accurate risk profile in order to initiate remediation procedures.

Build Security into the Development Process

Leveraging the BluBracket CLI, developers can prevent coding mistakes before they are committed to their local history on their workstation/device. Developers can take action by using environment variables or or introducing an external tool for secrets management. Integration with Slack, PagerDuty, ServiceNow and many other tools allow teams to be immediately notified and remediation actions to be invoked.