SiliconANGLE includes BluBracket in the top cybersecurity innovator list at BlackHat 2022

SiliconANGLE published a list of the Top 7 cybersecurity innovators from the myriad of companies that exhibited at BlackHat 2022 in Las Vegas, August 6-11, 2022. As part of the vetting process, BluBracket conducted a briefing with Jason Bloomberg, founder and president of analyst firm Intellyx, which advises business leaders and technology vendors on their digital transformation strategies. Jason frequently appears as a guest author for SiliconAngle.

What is BluBracket? BluBracket delivers the most complete code security solution that enables developers to effectively identify and remediate risks within their software development environment across code repositories, infrastructure as code and cloud environments. With BluBracket, organizations shift left by enabling developers to address security at the very start of the development lifecycle.

According to Casey Bisson, Head of Product and Developer Relations at BluBracket, “DevSecOps teams should scan code both within company repositories and outside in public repos, on GitHub for instance. It’s so easy to clone code that these details and secrets can easily be leaked.”.

Bisson explained that applications have loads of personal data that need to be protected. “There have been far too many examples of leaks of PII within code, for instance, because many organizations don’t secure their GitHub repositories.”

Describing why BluBracket is an innovative leader, Jason writes, “BluBracket prevents, finds and fixes risks in source code by identifying sensitive information in the code itself. Sensitive information can include secrets such as passwords, application programming interface keys and the like, but BluBracket goes well beyond secret detection. It can also identify personally identifiable information or PII as well as any data that may be a compliance risk — for example, health information or even non inclusive language”.

When asked what makes BluBracket interesting? Jason’s response in the article was, “Dealing with secrets in code requires different mitigation responses than other confidential information. It’s straightforward to change a password or rotate a key, but BluBracket must handle PII differently. After all, you can’t change your name every time a developer mistakenly hard-codes it somewhere”.

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