Gain the visibility and control DevSecOps needs to shift left and automate security.

Devops and the modern software development lifecycle have been a boon for innovation and speed.

What once took months or even years, now takes days. The old organizational silos of Developers, Operations and Security have blended. These new structures mean that the responsibility for securing code has shifted left, to the developers and to DevSecOps personnel tasked with automating security at scale. DevSecOps teams must never sacrifice speed for security or security for speed.

BluBracket is a key enabling tool for DevSecOps to gain the visibility and control they need to achieve security at the speed of code.Security is everyone’s responsibility and BluBracket gives your company the data it needs, in the form it wants to automate security.

An AWS engineer reportedly published "personal identity documents and system credentials including passwords, AWS key pairs, and private keys" to a public GitHub repository by accident.

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Access controls.

BluBracket delivers the access controls to Git companies need, without disrupting developer workflow.

Security policies.

Define and enforce security policies around code so you can protect your IP and stay in compliance.

Code classification.

Classify your code based on its criticality to your business and then track and get alerts based on its classification.

Resolve misconfigurations.

Monitor and alert on common misconfigurations in Git and alert on security risks posed by third party applications and webhooks.

Open source policy.

Set and enforce open source code policy in your organization so your developers automatically use open source from authorized sources.


Get real-time alerts on anomalies in your code ecosystem such as new clones, tokens or users violating policy.