Understand who has access to your valuable code and how it puts your infrastructure at risk.

Cybersecurity teams have a lot on their plate, juggling threat vectors that multiply by the day.

Hackers are mining Github and other repositories for secrets in code they use to steal your sensitive data. Security teams are struggling to keep pace and address the new risks these environments create.

“Last year 50% of all breaches were traced to misuse of credentials, which frequently are found in code.” 

SANS 2019 Cloud Security Survey

BluBracket bridges the gap between your security, development and devops teams by making security policies actionable and enforceable in your CICD pipeline. It integrates with your existing tools and allows you to classify your most critical code, so your cybersecurity team can sleep at night, without being overwhelmed by alerts that don’t matter.

"Development platform security is not just a secure software development lifecycle (SDLC) problem, but it also is a security team problem. This is important because it outlines a clear gap in coverage within the security community; code sharing websites are a digital risk problem."

InfoSecurity Magazine

Map and monitor where your code lives and who has access to it—from corporate developers to contractors to third parties or partners.

Analytics and reports.

Generate comprehensive code reports and analytics needed for auditing and compliance.

Secrets in code.

Detect secrets in code and PII so you can eliminate risky behavior.

Open source.

Understand what open source lives in your code, where it comes from and common risks it poses.

Real time monitoring.

Gain insight into Git and other code repositories to monitor and surface security risks in real time.


Get real-time alerts on anomalies in your code ecosystem such as new clones, tokens or users that violate policy.

Code security.

Block egress of critical code to open source or personal repositories without altering developer productivity.