Webinar: How Secure is Your Internal Software Supply Chain?

Next week on January 25, BluBracket will join leaders from Snyk and The Linux Foundation to discuss the state of software supply chain in an exclusive webinar and what can be done to improve it.

It’s a collaborative approach because each of participants will discuss a discrete aspect of software supply chain security:

— The Linux Foundation will discuss efforts to improve security upstream in open source components so vulnerabilities don’t make it into those projects in the first place

— Snyk will discuss how companies can understand and map dependencies in their code

— BluBracket will discuss the internal software supply chain. Are your developers signing their code so you know the origin and that it’s not tampered with? Are they using secrets scanning tools to ensure credentials are not present in code? Are you configuring your code repositories to be mindful of security?

All three approaches must work together to keep our critical software supply chain safe. Please register and join us for this unique and informative discussion that is available ondemand.

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