Why we joined forces with Snyk

Yesterday we joined Snyk’s new Technical Alliance Partnership Program as a founding member and announced that we will integrate Snyk Open Source  into our BluBracket Code Security Suite.

As a relatively young company, this is a big commitment and one that as CEO I don’t take lightly. But the value proposition for our customers is clear—Snyk is the leader in helping companies find and remediate upstream vulnerabilities from open source code. But supply chain risks don’t end with the open source dependencies they bring into their projects. By combining our secrets detection and developer pipeline security with Snyk’s functionality, customers can secure their supply chains more efficiently and with more confidence. 

Snyk has always been a bellwether in developer-first security. They understand that developers and their code are the new battleground in security.  By solving problems for developers and appsec engineers without getting in the way of their productivity, you make the software supply chain safer. Both of our companies passionately believe that developers want to write secure code. The combination of Snyk and BluBracket will make that easier than ever. 

The integration with Snyk will be available to BluBracket customers by the Summer of 2022. If you’re interested in our code security solutions, you can sign up for a free trial and start securing repos in as little as 30 seconds.

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