It's Time to Stop Leaking Secrets in Code.

Whether you’re a developer or a security engineer, prevent and detect secrets in GitHub. For Free.

Prevent and Detect Secrets in Code.

  • For Developers
  • For Security Engineers

For Developers

Keep Secrets out of your code. Without changing your workflow.

Quickly scan your code for credentials both before and after commits.

Download a clean bill of health to show you take security responsibility seriously and won’t break the build. And it’s free. 

For Security Engineers

Mitigate code risk. Across your codebase.  

Scan your company’s repos for over 50 secrets types effortlessly—without the noise of false positives. 

Take action to keep your code safe through a Repo Risk Score, so you prioritize based on real threats, saving time and making you look like a hero. And it’s free.

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Keep Secrets in Code out of Your Repositories.

✓ Scan and detect over 50 secrets types including passwords, tokens and and more. 

✓ Log-in using your GitHub account and start scanning in minutes. 

✓ Free. No credit card or account required. 

Fix issues based on real risk.

✓ Resolve issues based on real security risk through our Repo Risk Score.

✓ Quickly review flagged risks, so you can remediate and mark as reviewed.

✓ Create a report to show other developers and security teams to address on-going risk.

Slay false positives. Save your time.

 Employ our robust rules engine to reduce false positives which are so common in other scanning tools.

✓ Make use of unique hashes for secrets to eliminate duplicates.

Connect Your GitHub account and get started today FOR FREE.