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Code security, inside and out.

Get the insights you need to understand how secrets are leaking through code both internally and externally.

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Understand Your Risk Profile

Git is designed to be fast and easy to use, but it’s not always set up securely. BluBracket provides complete code visibility for you to know what code is at risk.

Calculate a Risk Score for every commit
Know where your code is and who has access
Classify code to track your most vital IP
Act immediately with real-time, actionable alerts

Analyze Every Commit

BluBracket scans all commits made to local and remote repositories ensuring no secret is able to slip through the cracks.

Automate deep scans of full commit history on every repo
Perform pre-commit checks on local development activities
Comprehensive Risk Score analyzes secrets, git configurations, infrastructure as code, code copies, code access, and more.

Avoid Public Exposure

While code reuse is common in modern development, only BluBracket tracks code proliferation both internally and externally to ensure vital IP is not exposed publicly.

Create code fingerprints to track critical code and assets
Proactively monitor public repositories for vital IP
Responds quickly to real-time alerts

Security at the Speed of Development

BluBracket Team and Enterprise Editions integrate with your entire SDLC tool stack to ensure security doesn’t slow the pace of development.

SaaS and self-managed VPC deployment options
Support for GitHub Enterprise, BitBucket, and Gitlab
CI/CD integration with Jenkins, GitHub Actions, Azure Pipelines
Integration with SIEM, issue management, messaging systems
Single-sign-on including Azure AD & Okta
API Access
Catch risks during development with BluBracket CLI

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