The first comprehensive security solution for code.

Software is more valuable than ever. It’s also more collaborative, open and complex—making it a threat to corporate security.

By empowering developers to prevent security vulnerabilities early in the software development process and giving security professionals an automated and developer-friendly way to ensure code is secure, BluBracket is the first comprehensive solution for code security. BluBracket delivers security at the speed of code.

Comprehensive Code Security with BluBracket

BluBracket’s comprehensive enterprise security suite delivers on the four critical steps of code security:

Discover and classify code.

You can’t secure what you can’t see, and today’s collaborative coding tools equals code proliferation that companies have no visibility into. BluBracket gives companies a BluPrint of their code environments so they know where their code is and who has access to it, both inside and outside the organization. And most importantly, with one click you can classify the most important code, so you can show a detailed chain of custody for any audit or compliance needs.

Detect and monitor your risks.

It’s clear code sites like GitHub and Stack Overflow represent a risk to enterprise security. In 2019 in fact, almost half of all security breaches came from the misuse of credentials, frequently found in code. BluBracket automatically detects secrets in code such as passwords and tokens and enables customers to immediately rotate and revoke these secrets. It can also find misconfigurations in Git that expose pathways directly into your enterprise data and monitors third party applications and webhooks for security compliance. For the first time, companies will have a comprehensive assessment into the risk posed by—and to—their code and a direct path to remediation.

Protect valuable code.

BluBracket provides the visibility, alerting and remediation you need to take action and protect your code investment. Our advanced ML and AI techniques allow you to precisely identify and classify your most critical code so you get alerts in context. Unauthorized webhooks, inactive or disabled users who still have access and private repos turned public are just some examples of events we alert on. BluBracket’s code fingerprinting can also ensure important code and sensitive data isn’t pushed to open source and gives you assurance that code is from authorized and trusted sources.

Enforce security policies.

Today’s software development life cycle is fast and agile, making it difficult for security teams to influence and enforce important security policies. BluBracket bridges the gap between your security, development and devops teams by making security policies actionable and enforceable in your CICD pipeline. BluBracket also delivers the Git access controls companies need, without disrupting developer workflow.



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