PII in Code

Securing PII

BluBracket automates identifying risks in code that may cause an individual’s personal or private information to be exposed. Commonly used static and dynamic code testing tools are not always effective in detecting these vulnerabilities. Attackers can exploit these vulnerabilities to exfiltrate data and introduce malicious code.

Why it is important to protect PII:
Increased use of third-party and open source code may create unintended pathways for unauthorized exfiltration of personal information.
Unencrypted credentials and API keys can be leveraged by attackers to pivot and gain access to linked applications that contain large volumes of PII.
Existing bodies of code originally developed, but not deployed, can be exploited for these critical vulnerabilities.

BluBracket’s Code Security
Solution Protects PII

BluBracket Automatically Scans for PII

Developers can check for PII in their commit history across a whole range of repositories, both internal and external. BluBracket integrates with tools that developers are proficient in, making it easy for them to adopt security best practices to prevent PII from being exposed.

Perform Pre-commit Checks for PII

Leveraging the BluBracket CLI, developers can prevent inclusion of PII. The solution identifies and displays alerts for risk in the BluBracket tenant portals, CLI and CICD integrations.

Ensure You’re in Compliance with the Many PII Regulations