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BluBracket Delivers a Complete
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The free trial is for the BluBracket Team Edition. Features include risk detection for secrets, PII, non-inclusive language, infrastructure-as-code, as well as git access and configuration workflow support from pre-commit through historical risk remediation.

BluBracket helps you understand your overall code health and see the areas of highest risk, implement workflows to stop new risks from getting into code and monitor your code health and watch it improve with every commit.

No credit card is required to sign up. Just click the start free button and get started at no charge with your GitHub account.

No. BluBracket clone repositories, scans them, creates a hash of each of the files for later comparisons, then scans the entire checkout from the BluBracket servers without retaining any copes. BluBracket does not store any code.

BluBracket only stores metadata related to your code and git server during the scan. BluBracket uses cryptographic hashes to track and compare files and secrets across different contexts. BluBracket never stores sensitive data after processing. 

A GitHub account is required to create a free account with BluBracket. Additional users can be added to an account via email.

Yes. After sign up, you can add repositories via any supported code server.

Please reach out to us to extend your free trial. Our goal is to help you find value in our solution. If you need more time please contact us here:
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If your free trial expires, it will automatically convert to our BluBracket Community Edition, a completely free product. Organizations with larger development teams can opt for the enterprise edition.