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BluBracket does not store your code or secrets or get access to anyone else’s account. See FAQ below to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

BluBracket searches for more than 100 different types of secrets in code, including tokens, keys, IDs, credentials and passwords. BluBracket also allows developers to create their own regular expressions and search for them as well.  For a complete list of secrets take a look at this document.

The simple answer here is NO.

During the initial scan of the repositories to be monitored, BluBracket clones the repositories, scans them, creates a hash of each of the files (for later comparisons), and then deletes the repositories from the BluBracket servers.  All of this happens within a few seconds depending on the repository size.  BluBracket then saves specific metadata for easy reference – things like repository names, file names, contributor IDs, commit IDs and times, etc.  BluBracket does not modify or store any actual code or secrets found in code on their servers.

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