Code is

Security at the speed of code

BluBracket is the first comprehensive security solution that makes code safe—so developers can innovate and collaborate, and security teams can sleep at night.

BluBracket secures today’s most valuable and vulnerable asset—the code that powers our modern economy. 

BluBracket’s comprehensive enterprise security suite delivers on the four critical steps of code security:


Discover and classify code.

By providing a BluPrint of your Git environments, BluBracket enables an understanding of your code’s location and accessibility.


Monitor your risks.

BluBracket detects all risks associated with your code to ensure that no sensitive information is being mishandled.


Protect valuable code.

All the visibility, alerting and remediation you need to take action and protect your code investment.


Enforce security policies.

Bridge the gap between your security, development and devops teams by making security policies actionable and enforceable.

BluBracket connects teams.


Gain insight and control developer access to Git and other tools without altering workflow. 


Understand who has access to your code and where your infrastructure is at risk.


Gain the visibility and control devops needs to automate governance and security.

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Founded by security veterans.

We’re passionate about security and innovation. Our team has deep experience in document and device management for the enterprise. Now we’re focused on code.

BluBracket integrates with your existing software tools.

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