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Code is

Security at the speed of code.

BluBracket secures today’s most valuable and vulnerable asset—the code that powers our modern economy. The way software is developed has completely changed over the last decade, yet our way of securing that code has stood still. Our mission is to make code safe, while encouraging the collaboration and innovation of modern developers.

DevSecOps and Comprehensive Code Security

BluBracket Shifts Security Left and Enables Developer-First Security

BluBracket empowers everyone in the SLDC to make code safer.


Gain the visibility and tools DevSecOps needs to keep code safe while maintaining the speed your company needs to compete.


Understand who has access to your code and where your infrastructure is at risk. Secure your code and its risks with active alerting. 


Detect secrets, tokens and PII in your code and prove it to your boss—without slowing you down and interrupting workflow.

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Find Secrets, Get a $50 Gift Card

Secrets and credentials found in code has become one of the largest vulnerabilities leading to breaches. From SolarWinds to Nissan, we’ve seen massive issues stemming

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Founded by security veterans.

We’re passionate about security and innovation. Our team has deep experience in document and device management for the enterprise. Now we’re focused on code.

BluBracket integrates with your existing software tools.