Secure your code.
Secure your software supply chain.

Attacks on the software supply chain are the largest threat facing security teams today.
BluBracket protects software supply chains by preventing, finding and fixing risks in source code, developer environments and pipelines so companies can ship secure code without sacrificing speed or innovation.

“Attackers are targeting software development systems, opensource artifacts and DevOps pipelines to compromise software supply chains.”


Code Security:
early, often and automated

Prevent secrets and credentials in code

Give developers the tools to keep secrets, PII and other credentials out of their code before it’s pushed–without slowing down their productivity.

Detect code risks, credentials and misconfigurations

Continuously scan for code risks within and outside your enterprise to guard against code leaks, credentials in code or costly misconfigurations. 

Prioritize the most critical risks from code

In a world of false positives and alert fatigue, get a Code Risk Score to instantly prioritize and fix the most critical risk from your code, development environments or pipelines.

Remediate throughout your CICD pipelines and within Git

Fix issues from code throughout your CICD pipelines and across all major Git platforms to secure your internal software supply chain and bring developers and security together.

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BluBracket scans the contributions of millions of developers to protect

$100B in annual revenue.

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