You Can't Secure What You Can't See

Today’s security teams are faced with the explosion of Git and other collaborative coding tools that are great for productivity, but pose a risk for enterprise security. Who has access to your code on what devices? And what secrets, credentials or unauthorized open source lives in your code? Today that’s nearly impossible to find out.

With BluBracket CodeInsights, DevSecOps and Application Security can gain the visibility, insights and control you need to protect your company from vulnerabilities in code.

Supports all major Git platforms

Find/Fix Git misconfigurations

Robust secrets and token detection

Monitor all public Git for your code


Complete Code Visibility and Monitoring

BluBracket:Code Insights gives you the visibility and insights into Git repositories across GitHub, Bitbucket and GitLab to surface security risks in real time.

Real-time actionable alerts on both code and developer actions.

Gain a complete, live view of where your code is and who has access to it.

Classify your most important code; alerts and permissions follow your classifications.

Find Secrets and Credentials in Code

Enhanced security monitoring and alerting that continuously scans your repos. 

A robust rules engine reduces false positives which are so common in other secret scanning tools.

Monitor 50+ most common secret types automatically in public or private GitHub repositories.

    • Ability to also define custom regular expressions
    • Ability to look for password/credentials

Find and Fix Git Misconfigurations

Many of the security breaches caused by Git are due to misconfigurations. BluBracket addresses these misconfigurations across developers and Git providers to keep you safe.

 Generate comprehensive code reports for auditing and compliance.

Scan Public Git Repositories for Your IP

Git was designed for open source projects, where code proliferation and clones are the norm. But the ability to copy and make code public means your vital IP can end up in public repositories you don’t control. We are the only vendor to search for and find code you classify as critical—without getting in the way of your developers.

Create code fingerprints so you can track and report on critical code. 

Monitor the complete GitHub public universe for your key intellectual property.

Integrates with your SLDC and CICD tools

Comprehensive APIs to integrate into your existing CICD pipeline, SIEM, messaging, and ticketing solutions.

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