Lessons from the Twitch leak

Last week Twitch faced the kind of nightmare scenario that every online service hopes to avoid: their source code and database dumps were leaked on the internet and broadly distributed. Database dumps exposed details about their business, everything from user complaints to streamer payouts. And the source code uncovered the inner workings of their service […]

Why Organizations Today Need a Risk-Based Approach to Code Security

We salute October as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month As we salute the national cybersecurity awareness month, we also want to recognize the ongoing increase in application-based software supply chain attacks. The process to deliver security and protection during software development cycles are disjointed, leading to gaps, vulnerabilities and lots of false positive alerts. This is why […]

How Bill Gates saved Microsoft 20 years ago

Before his career as a philanthropist, Bill Gates was the founder and head of Microsoft who became as famous for his relentless pursuit of growth as he had for inventing the commercial software market with MS-DOS. By 2001, Microsoft Windows-powered over 97% of computers. Internet Explorer 6 was winning the browser wars, and the pre-iPhone […]

Why Developers Need More than SAST and DAST for Real Code Security

When SAST, DAST, IAST etc. are Just Not Enough Once developers find tools that work for them, it is hard to make a change. SAST and other legacy Application Security tools fall into the area of being solid tools that work. In the last couple of years the threat landscape has evolved and new vulnerabilities […]

BluBracket to Enable Developer Empowerment – Appoints Casey Bisson Head of Product Growth

We’re excited to announce Casey Bisson has been appointed the Head of Product Growth at BluBracket. BluBracket’s mission is to empower individual developers with the information and tools they need to enhance security across all aspects of their development workflows. BluBracket is on a journey to enable this transformation by helping organizations shift left on […]

Code Security and the Executive Order on Cybersecurity. What you need to know.

The last twelve months has shown just how high the stakes are to secure our nation’s cybersecurity infrastructure. Colonial pipeline, SolarWinds and Microsoft Exchange are just some of the most dangerous hacks with far-reaching consequences. Earlier this month, the White House signed an Executive Order charting a new course for our nation’s cybersecurity infrastructure.  In […]

How (and why) to rid software of insensitive language.

Words Matter “Words used carelessly, as if they did not matter in any serious way, often allowed otherwise well-guarded truths to seep through.” ― Douglas Adams “But if thought corrupts language, language can also corrupt thought.” ― George Orwell Bonus points for knowing the books these quotes come from. I’ve been in the software industry […]

Meet us at RSA, Win a Peloton

The world talks security at RSA, and this year, it’s completely virtual. BluBracket is exhibiting in the Early Stage Expo. For those who sign up here and/or meet with us at our booth, you’ll be entered to win a Peloton. This is an amazing way to get fit with very good odds of winning. If […]