Get a Free Code Security Audit

It seems everyday we are seeing more breaches emanating from code and code source code management systems like GitHub. Hackers are sharing tips everyday saying code repositories are one of the best ways to infiltrate a company’s private assets.

Git is the wild west and wasn’t designed for corporate security. To help untangle the confusing landscape of code security, we are offering a free scan and detailed Public Code Security Report for those companies using GitHub– with no obligation. You will gain knowledge of credential vulnerabilities as well as insight into developer activity. 

It only takes 30 minutes of your time to find out:

  • How many total and confirmed secrets in code or other vulnerabilities that can put your at risk.
  • Which developers committed those secrets to public code. 
  • Total number of repositories and organizations linked to your company. 
  • Potential PII in code available for all to see. 
  • Which developers are most active in your organization. 
  • The number of new repositories created in the last 30 days.

Request your free code security report.

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