Gain visibility and control of Git for the CTO or VP of Engineering without altering the software development workflow.

While access to documents and enterprise applications is tightly controlled in most enterprises, code is still the wild west.​

In fact, it’s probably the most prized and valuable enterprise asset that is not being monitored and secured. CTOs or VPs of engineering want to ensure their teams are productive. And fast. That’s the nature of competitive advantage today when nearly all companies are software companies.

But you can’t secure what you can’t see, and Git means code proliferation happens all the time. BluBracket gives the CTO a view into his or her code environments to unlock security, without altering team workflows or slowing down productivity. It was built for cloud-native environments. But it was also built to give the access controls and visibility leaders need to understand where code lives and who has access to it, and what code is most critical to the organization.


Map and monitor where your code lives and who has access to it—from corporate developers to contractors to third parties or partners.

Real time monitoring.

Gain insight into Git and other code repositories to monitor and surface security risks in real time.

Analytics and reports.

Generate comprehensive code reports and analytics needed for auditing and compliance.

Access controls.

Manage selective access code to all your code repositories, including Git.

Code classification.

Classify your code based on its criticality to your business and then track and get alerts based on its classification.

Trusted sources.

Gain assurance that code is from trusted and authorized sources.

Code security.

Block egress of critical code to open source or personal repositories without altering developer productivity.