Find Secrets, Get a $50 Gift Card

Secrets and credentials found in code has become one of the largest vulnerabilities leading to breaches. From SolarWinds to Nissan, we’ve seen massive issues stemming from undetected secrets just in the last few weeks.

We decided to do something about it. We’ve created the best way to find secrets in code, the BluBracket Community Edition, that is 100% free. Anyone with code can use the tool to scan for over 50 types of secrets. Just connect your GitHub account to our tool and you can ensure you’re secrets-free in five minutes or less.

The community provides support for the product, so in the next few weeks we are offering a $50 Amazon gift card to those who join our community via Slack and give us feedback in a survey.

It’s limited so if you’re interested, please join today to ensure your spot. Full details of the promotion are available here. Happy secrets hunting!

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